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Without doubt, the most intimate experience for any woman is breastfeeding her own child. No relative, friend or lover will ever come close to the physical and psychological bond that a breastfeeding mother feels toward her suckling child. Breastfeeding is nurturing and sustaining a child through the earliest and most vulnerable period of its life and this precious act of union has been celebrated in art and literature. Yet, in today's society, many women have become uncomfortable or feel inadequate about this most fundamental part of life.

This web site has been founded to encourage women to feel comfortable with their natural right to breastfeed. The resources found within will help answer the questions and concerns many new mothers have about this topic, such as: What are the benefits of breastfeeding for your child? What are the benefits for the mother? How to prevent or alleviate sore nipples? What schedule to use when breastfeeding and where and when is it okay to breastfeed in public places?

However, this web site is not dogmatic about breastfeeding. Mothers in the Western world feel like failures when they are unable to breastfeed their child. This is not uncommon and it's not hard to understand why. Breastfeeding is one of life's most important activities and yet it is seldom discussed. Many women approach the birth of their child with little knowledge or help from those around them. Even if a mother has all the information to hand, she may be put off from breastfeeding for many reasons: modern society's pressure on mothers not to breastfeed in public; lack of time for the modern mother; and society's pressure on beauty, 'breastfeeding ruins your breasts'.

What this web site offers

Many women also believe that we have somehow forgotten how to breastfeed in the West. They feel that breastfeeding is more intuitive and comes more naturally to mothers from less industrialized countries. This is a misconception. Women all over the world face the same ignorance and fears and challenges. Breastfeeding has never been easy. Some women, no matter how hard they try, are still unable to breastfeed their child. When this happens, a woman can feel a total failure. But she must not. Motherhood is the hardest job on the planet and it carries with it, the greatest responsibility. This web site has compiled many articles about breastfeeding. Some of them are bound to be of interest. There are also some products for sale from some of the most respected retailers. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive any news or offers that may be added to the site later on. (Please note; your email address will never, under any circumstances, be passed on to third parties.)

Thankfully, most women who begin to breastfeed soon find how easy it is. And the rewards for the mother and the benefits for the child can't be overstated. The secret is information. Information from this web site and other resources, such as; your midwife, doctor and health visitor; friends and family. But should you decide that breastfeeding is not for you, then fine; mothers are here to raise their children as best they can – giving your child the best possible start in life encompasses so much more than breastfeeding.